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How to Tell if a Hen is Broody. Broody hens will set on a nest almost 24/7. Some hens like to sit in the nest for a while after laying their egg, so make sure that your hen is actually broody before you leave her with a clutch of eggs. 07/11/2018 · If I have a choice, I’ll almost always pick letting a broody hen hatch eggs over ordering eggs from the hatchery every single time. However that requires one important component– something I don’t always have. A broody hen. The topic of broody hens isn’t a horribly complicated one, but there are definitely some things to []. A broody hen is a chicken that has decided to sit on and hatch a clutch of eggs. The eggs may be fertilized or unfertilized. The broody hen will sit on the eggs day and night, leaving only once daily to eat, drink, and poop. If you try to remove her from her eggs, she may hiss at you and peck you.

A broody hen is an adult female chicken that has the maternal instinct to want to hatch a clutch of eggs. So, your broody hen wants to become a mother for next few months. Her goal is simple: to sit and hatch a clutch of eggs then raise her new family until the chicks are old enough to survive on their own. If a broody hen can find an isolated spot where she can sit for 21 days on eggs undisturbed, she’ll hatch them. If you give her a chance, you may even find that a determined broody hen will disappear into the woods or shrubbery for a few weeks, then when you’ve about given up. A broody hen, if you don’t intend them to be mothers, can be a bit of a nuisance. After all, a broody hen is a moody hen! What does a broody hen do? Essentially, when a hen goes broody, they are wanting to hatch their eggs themselves. This means they are ready. The Broody Hen. While many hens will go broody off and on in the spring and summer, for hatching chicks you want a hen that will stick with it the whole 21 days and actually hatch out her chicks, not just give up partway. A hen that continues sitting on a nest day.

Another added benefit is it naturally breaks a broody hen while giving your more chickens, because chicken math. There are certain types of chickens that are more likely to go broody, although it isn’t an exact science and some hens will just never go broody, while others unexpectedly will. Our Top 5 Broody Hen Breeds. 6 Easy Ways to Break a Broody Hen. Posted by The Happy Chicken Coop on June 14, 2016 Posted In: Managing Your Flock. I have to smile at this article since I currently have two hens that are determined to be broody! Fortunately for us Northern chicken keepers, broodiness is pretty much confined to the summer months.

17/10/2009 · It's difficult to "make" a hen go broody, this mood is determined by her own instincts, hormones, voices in her head, instructions beamed down from her Mother Ship. The best way to tell a hen has gone broody is when she wants to stay in her nest spot at. broody definition: The definition of broody is unhappy and moody, or is really wanting to have a baby or, in the case of a hen, really wanting to lay eggs. adjective A person who is unhappy, wistful and moody is an example of someone who might be.

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